The Hubert Start-Up Story

June 16, 2016 was launched as an internet division of Sunova Credit Union, which is based out of Manitoba, Canada. We debuted the site on Monday, November 15 and unfortunately ran into some stumbling blocks early in our launch campaign. Unintentionally, we disregarded some of the advertising guidelines established by regulatory organizations in other provinces, as well we left out some important details in our early communications. We acknowledge and understand these provincial guidelines are very important and have made every effort to ensure they are incorporated into our marketing and member correspondence moving forward. Our intent is to be as clear and upfront with our communications as possible so our members and potential members are fully aware of who we are, how our deposits are guaranteed, and how our site works.

So, while it was unfortunate we had to encounter some of these early bumps in the road and the resulting news coverage, we’ve learned from our oversights and will move ahead cautiously, yet optimistically.

In closing, we want to emphasize the following:

Hubert is an online division of Sunova Credit Union. We are NOT a bank.

Our deposits are 100% guaranteed without limit by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba, not to be confused with deposit guarantee organizations from any other province.

We are passionate about and have worked diligently to build a site that benefits our members by offering the best online savings rates in Canada coupled with an innovative, efficient online application process. Our goal is (and will continue to be) to offer a competitive alternative to those online savings rates commonly advertised.

For additional information, please call us, chat with us via our secure online chat or send us an email. We’re happy to clarify anything and everything you may have questions about!


Your friends at Hubert