I think I there is fraud activity on my account; now what?

December 19, 2017

Fraud on your accounts is awful and can feel uncomfortable and embarrassing. It is very important that if you ever think there was fraudulent activity on your account that you act right away to prevent further fraud from happening. Here are a few things to do if you suspect fraud on your bank account:

Change your password

If you still have access to your online banking, change your password in case someone has gained access to your account via your online banking.

Call Hubert

Call us and let them know about the activity as soon as you can. We will look into the activity and help protect your account.

File a police report

If the fraud activity is confirmed, file a police report.

Keeping yourself and your money safe

Remember to never share your account information with anyone and keep your credit cards in a safe place (with the PIN memorized in your head, never written down).

Also keep in mind where you are doing your banking. If you’re banking on your phone, stick to secure and trusted Wi-Fi networks (not ones out in the public). Make sure you log off of your online banking when you are done and, again, memorize your password and change it periodically.

The RCMP has a great list of even more tips to keep your money safe.