here’s what you need to know about the merger process moving forward

December 16, 2021

Back in September, we were excited to announce that merger discussions were underway between Access Credit Union, Noventis Credit Union, and Sunova Credit Union thanks to a shared vision and collective commitment to growth and sustainability between all three organizations. After completion of the due diligence and a careful review of the business case for this proposed endeavour, the boards for all three organizations have signed an amalgamation agreement that formalizes our intentions to merge, and are recommending that we proceed to the next step in this process. That means we now turn to you, our members, and ask for your participation and support as we proceed towards a member vote on January 25-27, 2022.

Right from the beginning of this journey, we understood that aligning with like-minded partners is key to success. With rich histories and values that are rooted in community and relationships, alongside a drive to ensure longevity, growth, and exceptional service experiences for our members and our communities, we are confident that our three like-minded organizations align and that this partnership offers tremendous benefits and opportunity for all.

Important dates + info

Member forum

We’ll host a virtual member forum on Tuesday, January 18 at 7:00 pm CST for anyone who want to hear more about the merger direct from our board of directors and President + CEO.


Member vote + special meeting

Online voting will begin at 9:00 am CST on January 25, 2022 and will end during the Special Meeting of the Membership on the evening of January 27. The meeting will be held virtually by Zoom. Pre-registration is required at the link below.


How to vote, voter eligibility, technical tips + more

Download the PDF guide below to learn more about voter eligibility, member forum and virtual special meeting technical tips, how to vote, and more.




As a larger organization, we will achieve economies of scale and reduce the average cost per member for upcoming (and necessary!) investments in technology and security. This will result in savings that we can pass onto our membership, and increased funding and support for our communities.

With improved operational efficiencies, the new organization will also be in a stronger position to not only maintain, but potentially provide enhanced offerings in the following areas:

  • Highly competitive rates and fees;
  • Streamlined account package options that best meet the needs of our combined membership; and
  • A flexible patronage program designed to thank members with cash rewards for their loyalty.

Online experience

Technology and security will be a priority, ultimately aiming to provide members with seamless online banking solutions to complement the in-branch experience. By blending the three organizations, the new credit union and its subsidiaries will be able to invest even more into the research and development needed to meet (and exceed!) member expectations with:

  • Advanced and secure technology;
  • Enhanced online banking solutions; and
  • Investment in new technology and mandated updates.

It was decided that the core banking system for the new organization will be the current system used by both Access and Noventis, resulting in minimal impact for the membership at those two credit unions. To ensure as smooth a transition as possible for Sunova and Hubert members, it’s likely the conversion will not take place until 2023 at the earliest, and, training and member communication will be prioritized throughout the process.

Expanded virtual presence

With both Access and Sunova offering virtual banking divisions (Accelerate Financial and Hubert Financial), there will be a continued focus on enhancing the virtual banking experience, without losing sight of the service and key benefits members appreciate most on each platform.


All staff are guaranteed a position with the new organization, and, as a result of blending the three organizations, employees will have additional opportunities for career advancement and the potential to move into a specialized role that better reflects their skillset. Training and education will be prioritized with ongoing career development, whether to enhance knowledge and skills for their current roles or to prepare for future opportunities.


All three credit unions are passionate about community support and engagement, and that will continue to be prioritized by the new organization moving forward by offering:

  • Increased support for local businesses, including a larger commercial lending capacity; and
  • Strengthened financial and volunteer support for local charities, events, and organizations.

We know that change can be difficult, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this process. While any merger creates some uncertainty and unknowns, we want to emphasize that the best interests and well-being of our staff, our members, and our communities have always been top-of-mind and prioritized throughout these discussions.

After much careful analysis and deliberation, our board of directors and senior leadership are absolutely certain that these two credit unions are ideal and like-minded partners to take this journey with, and this merger will help ensure the organization is sustainable for our staff, members, and our communities in the years to come.

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The legal stuff and other info

Special Meeting Notice

Signed Amalgamation Agreement 

Schedule A – Amalgamation Agreement 

Schedule B – Amalgamation Agreement 

Special Meeting Agenda