Changing your PIN


If you forgot your PIN (personal identification number) or would like to change your PIN, please follow the two-step process below to select a new one.

  1. Call 1.844.788.2725 to change your PIN.
  2. Complete one of the following to activate your PIN. (This is an additional security measure so we can make sure your new PIN is authorized.)
    1. Use your card at a merchant. The first time you use your card to make a purchase, you’ll be required to enter your new PIN three times to trigger your PIN activation. The first time you enter your PIN, the machine will advise that your PIN is invalid. You must repeat this step two more times. On the third time, the PIN will be authorized and your transaction approved. As part of the approval process the merchant may ask you to provide a signature on the sales slip. Your new PIN will then be activated.
    2. OR, you can perform a single cash withdrawal at any financial institution’s ATM to activate the PIN. Please note that fees may apply.