Member Share Program

Sharing is caring with Hubert’s Member Share Program

By purchasing your $5 common share when you open your Hubert membership, you are investing in Hubert and become a part-owner of our organization.

Tax implications

Any dividends paid to you on your common shares are taxable as interest income in the year they are paid. If your total interest and dividend income are more than $50, we will issue a T5 to be filed with your tax return. You must also report amounts below $50 on your income tax return.

Deposit insurance

Unlike your deposits, investments in common shares do not qualify for deposit insurance under the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.

Return guarantee

The payment of dividends is dependent on the financial success of the organization, therefore, returns in our Member Share Program are not guaranteed.


The common shares you purchase for holding an equity investment in the organization are intended to form part of the financial foundation for the organization. As a result, they are viewed as a long-term investment.

Members are able to apply to the Board of Directors to redeem any amounts in excess of the $5 minimum common share requirement. Shares may be redeemed at the sole discretion of Access Credit Union and will be influenced by the financial performance of Hubert Financial. Partial redemptions, if approved by the board, must first redeem the common shares. Dividend eligibility is forfeited on all approved redemption amounts.

Surplus Share Redemptions *CHANGE TO PROGRAM*
Surplus share redemptions meeting required criteria will be paid dividends in cash to Hubert members on a multi-year payout plan with the intention of eliminating the Surplus Share program at completion.

For additional information on our Member Share Program and this unique investment opportunity, please contact us.