Hubert Without Borders

January 31, 2017
We are happy to announce that US dollar electronic fund transfers are now available! Hubert members can now transfer US dollars to and from external financial institutions (located in Canada) at no cost. Simply link your external US accounts to your Hubert account (like you would with a external Canadian account). Now that’s...
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Happy Manitoba Mortgage

November 25, 2016
Did you know some of the big banks have recently increased their mortgage rates? The CBC reported this week that Royal Bank hiked its five-year mortgage rate to 2.94% (on mortgages paid off in 25 years or less). TD has also increased its prime rate. Here at Hubert (if you and...
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The Hubert Start-Up Story

June 16, 2016 was launched as an internet division of Sunova Credit Union, which is based out of Manitoba, Canada. We debuted the site on Monday, November 15 and unfortunately ran into some stumbling blocks early in our launch campaign. Unintentionally, we disregarded some of the advertising guidelines established by regulatory organizations...
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